Mt Pisgah Family Photos

I had so much fun heading out to Mt Pisgah with this adorable family. We were able to take photos for the short amount of time between torrential downpours of rain. Thankfully I have come prepared with towels, plastic bags, umbrellas and my excitement was too great to let a little rain stop it. 

Katy is a good friend of my sisters and I have known her for 4 or so years. She is hilarious, sweet, a little spunky and really really easy to love. Steven is Katy's boyfriend, they have been dating for over 2 years and its clear that they are a great match! Both are them are so much fun to hang out with and they love little miss Iris to pieces. Iris is 6 years old and full of sass! She loves frozen, her stuffed monkey and has energy for days. 

I just adore these sweet family shots, you can tell there is a whole lotta love around here :)

This is one of my favorite phases of life when kids are missing most of their front teeth. I feel like it adds so much to their personality! Miss Iris is 6 years old, she loves the movie Frozen, she was even Elsa for halloween. This middle picture is how she thinks a Queen would pose on her throne! See an awesome little lady?! Also this jean jacket was her dads as a kid, it even has his name on the tag. Iris just adores her dad and is so proud to have these things as her own! 

Of course we had to grab a few couples photos. I always just gush over these! I love being able to capture beautiful couples especially one whose love is so easily captured. Steven and Katy you are naturals :)

These last few shots are definitely some of my favorites! I like it so much that I can't decide if I like it better in color or black and white?! Thank you so much Steven, Katy and Iris for venturing out with me and enduring the cold/rain! You are all so photogenic and fun to hang out with, also your pictures turned out more than I could've ever wanted! Enjoy!! :)