Cooper Wedding 8/12/2017

Hello all, I know it has been a while since I've posted on here. My next blog post, I will update with where I am at and what I have been up to. But today, I am not here to talk about my life but to share the amazing wedding I was honored to shoot this past month. Stephanie told me that Mark and her just missed each other for many years and then suddenly they met and were inseparable. It was my pleasure to watch these two tie the knot and join their two families into one. 

The ceremony venue was absolutely beautiful, I had never been to Shady Oaks Plants and Produce before but fell in love with all the greenery. 

While the girls were getting ready we snagged a few shots of them in their cute robes. I love how Stephanie and Mark were both surrounded by so many loved ones for their big day! These ladies were lots of fun, just wait until you see the fun idea for bridesmaids dresses.

I love this next shots of all of the groomsmen and the groom, I told them they look like some cool boy band. To which one of them gentleman said, "None of us have enough talent for that!" Mark is such a fun guy and according to the speeches given at the reception surrounds himself with equally fun men who have a long list of great memories. 

Look at how fun the rainbow colored dresses are, Stephanie rocked her rainbow themed wedding! I think the colors show off each bridesmaids personality, so much fun :)

The rest of the wedding was spectacular, here are some of my favorites.

The reception was held at a nearby bar called Axe & Fiddle located in downtown Cottage Grove. It was the cutest location that they had shut down and decorated for Mark and Stephanie's arrival. The evening ended with toasts and one of my favorite shots of the first dance with all their guests looking on:

Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Cooper, may a life time of happiness and joy be with you both! Thank you so much for letting me be apart of your big day.


Shady Oaks

Axe and Fiddle


Foster Lake Portrait

This beautiful lady is my dear friend Katie. (Fun fact; we met at a concert four years ago!) We both happened to have a Monday off at the beginning of last year (excuse my major delay in posting) so we decided to just drive! We ended up about an hour away at Foster Lake which I had never been to before. 

The sun was stunning and the crisp winter air felt great, I decided to pick up some objects and mess with light distortion.  


Katie's hair in this photo is amazing! The wind just decided to make it more glorious than ever.  

Thanks Katie for allowing me to play with leaves and objects on the shore while we soaked up the brisk sun! Loved these shots and this dear friend. I'll leave this last photo with you all which might be my favorite :)

Matthew Senior Photos

This is Matthew, he is the second youngest of 6 kids, and we've decided he is the sweetest one! He has all of the "good" qualities from his brothers including a great sense of humor, charm and spunkiness! (haha) He had me in stitches for the majority of his shoot! We headed out to Dorris Ranch, braved the cold/rain and got these awesome shots of him: 

Blog 1.jpg

Matthew is a man with a plan, coming from a family with a strong military background he knows that he wants to follow in the family footsteps. He is sure of what to do and how to get there, which is so unique and amazing. Best of luck to you Matthew in all that you do, I know you will be awesome! 

Thanks so much to Matthew and his wonderful family for letting me capture these grand moments of life! :)

Mt Pisgah Family Photos

I had so much fun heading out to Mt Pisgah with this adorable family. We were able to take photos for the short amount of time between torrential downpours of rain. Thankfully I have come prepared with towels, plastic bags, umbrellas and my excitement was too great to let a little rain stop it. 

Katy is a good friend of my sisters and I have known her for 4 or so years. She is hilarious, sweet, a little spunky and really really easy to love. Steven is Katy's boyfriend, they have been dating for over 2 years and its clear that they are a great match! Both are them are so much fun to hang out with and they love little miss Iris to pieces. Iris is 6 years old and full of sass! She loves frozen, her stuffed monkey and has energy for days. 

I just adore these sweet family shots, you can tell there is a whole lotta love around here :)

This is one of my favorite phases of life when kids are missing most of their front teeth. I feel like it adds so much to their personality! Miss Iris is 6 years old, she loves the movie Frozen, she was even Elsa for halloween. This middle picture is how she thinks a Queen would pose on her throne! See an awesome little lady?! Also this jean jacket was her dads as a kid, it even has his name on the tag. Iris just adores her dad and is so proud to have these things as her own! 

Of course we had to grab a few couples photos. I always just gush over these! I love being able to capture beautiful couples especially one whose love is so easily captured. Steven and Katy you are naturals :)

These last few shots are definitely some of my favorites! I like it so much that I can't decide if I like it better in color or black and white?! Thank you so much Steven, Katy and Iris for venturing out with me and enduring the cold/rain! You are all so photogenic and fun to hang out with, also your pictures turned out more than I could've ever wanted! Enjoy!! :)

Rachel Lemme

Rachel is a new friend in my life.

She is adventurous and really up on the LA trend, which is what led her to this photoshoot. I wanted some of that cool girl style to go with this creepy abandoned house. (ps I don't recommend going into random abandoned houses)

Thank you so much Rachel for letting me follow you around in this amazing place, glad we could make our own memories there with all the millions of others before us.  

It never hurts to end a shoot with dancing in the middle of the road. 

Summers here and the time is right,
for dancing in the streets.
— Martha and The Vandellas